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Services Offered

Non-Profit and Sustainable Retail Zones

Non-Profit organisations

Our in-house team of developers, artists, and administrators has helped us remove financial barriers for our non-profit partners by offering free access to our land. We raise funds through concerts and events to provide donations to our non-profit partners. This allows them to maintain their real-world charitable endeavours while expanding their global reach through Nakatomi Plaza.

Learn more about our current charitable impact partners and our application process by contacting

We successful collaborations with several charities see our partners

Sustainable Retail Zone

Rental income helps our team continue to research and build on our land. We seek corporate partners to offer digitally built out retail space in Nakatomi Plaza. Although we occasionally rent to non-affiliated groups, any permanent structures developed by NPACT are for our sustainable retail. We will donate 20% of retail profit to our charitable partners.

For information on renting on our property, please contact

Art and Culture


Under the directorship of Remo Camerato, our Arts and Culture zone aims to provide engaging exhibits, development opportunities, and a common platform for emerging artists. Please see below for the portfolios of past and future artists.

Featured Artists

Remo Camerota

Joel James


We aim to both cultivate the emerging decentralized culture while stiving to protect the indigenous environment and culture of peoples in the real world.

Coming Soon (Indigenous Peoples Exhibit)

Research and Development

Through the stewardship of our chief researcher Luca Arnaboldi, we are forming NPACT Metaversity, our new concept for an educational and research institution in the metaverse. In line with our core principles of community growth and inclusion we endeavour to address old problems through new means.

Luca Arnaboldi, PhD - Research Director

In his role as director Luca is in charge of organising grants, leading the development of new technologies and always keeping up to date with the latest metaverse innovations

Desiree Grafton-Clarke - Research Consultant

Desiree brings her years of expertise as a psychologist and scientist to help us work on research in human aspects of metaverse interactions and connections with medical practitioners. Desiree's role focuses on seeking research opportunities, working alongside our mental wellbeing experts to connect the technical people with the medical/mental wellbeing researchers. Her main focus has been investigation into VR research in the metaverse

We have already started successfull collaborations with various industry and university partners see our partners

Custom Design and Rental Information

Custom Design

The entirety of Nakatomi Plaza is created and maintained by Nakatomi Designers, the official NPACT design team. In response to multiple community inquiries, Nakatomi Designers was formed. Our team is comprised of programmers, 3D modelers, digital environment architects, ethics reviewers, logo designers, promoters and much more. We aim to provide a “one stop shop” with guaranteed work from a reputable source. Nakatomi Designers accept payment in multiple cryptocurrencies, credit card or bank draft. For information regarding our fees, services and discounted rate plans, please contact

Nakatomi Designers Team
Remo Camerota

Remo Camerota (born on 17 April in Coventry, England), is an English-Australian visual artist and film director. He has been exhibiting in the arts since 1992, when he also started a fine art degree at Swinburne University, Melbourne. He has worked across a myriad of creative fields, as a film director, painter, photographer, urban artist, music producer, NFT Artist and many more!


With 20+ years in graphic design within the sign & printing industry, Youmack found a new love with the metaverse. She has been creating, promoting and engaging in events in Decentraland (DCL) since January 2021. Youmack is also a voice actor, which naturally lead to hosting and live streaming events in DCL. Some of her other talents include: designing and distributing POAP/NEAT event tokens, onboarding new users, artists and musicians to the metaverse, and creating and managing Discord servers

Michi Todd

Michi Todd is an established 3D artist in the metaverse space and Web3 with experience with different avenues of NFT art and gamified events in the space. Known for his low poly digital fashion in Decentraland and use of imagination in virtual spaces, has a background in design and multimedia. Michi holds workshops for brands looking to expand into the metaverse, works with blue chip nft projects and bridges artists into the web3 space. Specializing in 3D he has made event spaces, branded clothes and digital merch for a variety of brands and fashion designers.

Roman Bogani, NPACT Intern

This role supports the team by organising our database, keeping the catalogue of builds and assets up to date, editing videos, and formatting images for promotional materials. Interns must be well versed in Builder and OBS and maintain an upright reputation in the DCL community.

Rental Information

At Nakatomi Plaza, we offer a dynamic rental model. No one should pay for more than they need. While availability is dependent on seasonal demand, we offer the following rental packages and products:

Turnkey Solutions

We take care of it all. This is a bespoke package including venue design, event promotion, unique NFT creation, technological invitational access only to estate as well live streaming and tech support service.

NPACT Asset and Use Package

This package allow use of NPACT assets through our team’s streaming and technological support. We can split the estate, allowing full privacy for the renter outside the NPACT run asset zone. Discounted rental rates and labour charges may apply.

Land Lease

As simple as it comes. Following application and compatibility review, operator rights are granted for the desired duration of lease.

Professional Services

Beyond sustainably supplied retail goods, Nakatomi Plaza is the home to more traditional professional service in this new digital environment.

Coming soon our current professional services:

  • Mental Health
  • Accounting
  • AI Ethics