Welcome To Nakatomi Plaza Arts and Cultural Trust (NPACT)

NPACT, is an incubator for new ideas. We are a metaverse based social enterprise dedicated to providing education and charitable growth in the fast growing Web 3.0 environment. Our goal is to maintain a sustainable, profitable, and charitable economic zone in Decentraland.

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Our Mission

Nakatomi Plaza Arts and Cultural Trust

Our mission is built on four pillars

1. respect for rights;
2. commitment to giving back;
3. encouraging ethical and sustainable business practices;
4. rewarding innovative thinkers and creators.

NPACT is a metaverse based social enterprise dedicated to providing education and charitable growth in the Web 3.0 environment.
We believe in creating a model of transparency where sustainable, profitable, and charitable business can coexist.
NPACT Statement Enter Decentraland

Past Events

We are proud to serve and raise funds for our charitable partners though live concerts and events. Below, please see a list of prior events, performances and artists featured at Nakatomi Plaza. Events are a great opportunity to launch and gain exposure for new products or services. Please contact us for a bespoke event package or to apply as an emerging artist.

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Mastercard Sonic Latin America Music Festival

'First Showcase of Latin American Music Hosted by Mastercard on the Metaverse'

First Decentraland Mental Wellbeing Event - Hosted by NPACT

'Decentrafest Mental Wellbeing Matters'

Charity Concert

'We Can Be Heroes'

NYE Party


King Mizo

'King Mizo'

Industry & Research Partners

We are the first organization of its kind operating on the Metaverse. Much of what we do is experimental and cutting edge. It would not be possible without collaborations and relationships with industry and academic partnerships.

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Charitable Partners

We welcome and support the growth of charitable organisation in the Web 3.0 environment. Through our digital incubator program, NPACT provides the knowledge, services and resources needed as a presence in the metaverse. Learn more about our current charitable impact partners and our application process by contacting


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Ronald J. Bogani, JD, LLM, MReS

Metaverse Trust Director (MTD)

The MTD oversees the trust division, which is the executive body of NPACT. This division is charged with ratifying industry partners, distributing donations and cross incorporating our charitable initiative in the metaverse and DCL. All income and expenditures for this division will remain transparent. The MTD is charged with creating beneficial strategy, implementing, and directing innovation for the NPACT community.

Luca Arnaboldi, PhD

Metaverse Research and Development Director (MRD2)

The Metaverse Research and Development Director is in charge of all metaverse innovations. This includes charitable opportunities, technology aided advancements and funding for education and research. Through this branch we aim to create free educational content to support partners and charitable organisations, as well as develop new technologies.

Keeley Bogani, MSc

Director of Business and Charitable Development

This position is charged with onboarding industry, charitable, and research partners. This division oversees the presence of charities, NGOs, and educational institutes in Nakatomi Plaza.

Erin L. Fisher, LLB, LLM

Designated NPACT Impact Ambassador

As NPACT embassador her role is to be in the frontlines leading the charitable efforts with our trusted partners.

Remo Camerota

Arts & Culture Director (ACD)

The Director of Arts and Culture is charged with creating and curating artistic content in the metaverse. This branch works closely with the research and development branch to create innovative new ways to fundraise in the metaverse.


Provide specialist assistance

Providing the assistance of artists, programmers, and engineers to design your organisation’s kiosk

NFT Asset Generation

Collaboration with our team of artists to enable organisations to create and auction NFTs

Event Hosting

Including charity livestreams, concerts, conferences and any other evnt that might be required

Research and Development

Opportunities for development of future economic, legal and ethical technologies

Example Opportunities

  • Q & A style interactions, with the option to use a single avatar which can be controlled by any member of the organisation, at any time and from any location.
  • “AMA,” or “Ask Me Anything,” events, which are run by experts in the field
  • Livestream videos
  • Podcasting
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Digital donations and Charity Shops
  • Links to newsletters, websites, social media, and other materials that already exist within an organisation
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Policies and Procedures

At the forefront of our organisations are clear policies and procedures to ensure equality and inclusion to all

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Digital Safeguarding, Child Protection and Child Participation Policy

Digital Safeguarding, Child Protection and Child Participation Policy